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Hillary Throws Weight Behind Joe Biden, Makes Claim Regarding Electoral College

Did Clinton’s pseudo-endorsement of Joe Biden just curse the former VP?

Of all of the people that you could take election advice from, former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may not be the most salient choice.

Clinton has become a bit of a curse for the Democratic Party after being caught rigging the 2016 primaries with the help of the DNC.  Then, when it came time to put that effort to some use in the general election, Hillary had tragically underestimated the importance of the electoral college, and her strategy of avoiding certain key states and districts came back to bite her in a big way as Donald Trump trounced her on the national stage.

Despite these serious shortcomings, Clinton still sees it fit to dole out election advice, apparently, this time telling the nation who she thinks is best suited to dominate the electoral college.

From her recent appearance on the Howard Stern Show.

When asked if she believed that Biden could actually win the Democrat nomination, Clinton said it was too soon to tell.

“I think it’s too soon to tell because nobody has voted or caucused because right now, according to the polls, Biden is going to get the nomination,” she said. “But that’s a long way off, and then, he can win the Electoral College because, remember, it’s not the popular vote, as I learned.”

When Stern asked Clinton if Democrats needed a “middle-of-the-road” candidate to beat Trump, instead of a more leftist candidate like Sen. Bernie Sanders, she said it was important for Democrats in the general election to appeal to more voters.

“I think in a general election, it’s a process of addition. You know, you want to take the people who are already for you and add to them,” she said. “That’s tricky because the other thing that’s going on now is 24/7 news coverage.”

Joe Biden ought to be very weary of attempting to use Clinton’s pseudo-endorsement as a feather in his cap, however, as the Democratic base is till quite unnerved at the idea that Hillary will somehow degrade their chances in 2020 by merely existing within the same space as these current candidates.

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