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Hollywood A-Lister Says Donald Trump ‘Needs a Beating’ During Debate

Someone was TRIGGERED.

Last night’s first presidential debate of the 2020 contest was certainly messy, and that was certainly an understatement.  It was an unmitigated disaster for both candidates, insomuch as neither looked very presidential while shouting over each other and generally projecting a lack of discipline and decorum.

Many who tuned in to the debate have already made up their minds about who they’re voting for.  In fact, much of the nation already has.  This is Team R versus Team D, and those who claim to be undecided are undoubtedly in search of attention.

And speaking of searching for attention, one of Hollywood’s most notorious actors decided that last night was a good time to drop a few click-bait soundbites himself. 

Far-left actor and Saturday Night Live star Alec Baldwin melted down during President Donald Trump’s debate with former Vice president Joe Biden on Tuesday, declaring that Trump “needs a beating.”

“Trump needs a beating,” Baldwin wrote in a screed. It is not clear whether he was speaking literally or figuratively.

Oh, and there was plenty more where that came from.

The Mission Impossiblestar went on to slam the debate’s moderator, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, describing him as “too much of a wimp for this job” and “awful.”

The 62-year-old Baldwin then went on to demand a journalist from the pro-Biden CNN network such as Jake Tapper or Jim Acosta or anyone who can “tell Trump to shut the **** up.”

Baldwin, who tweets under the name of the “Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation,” followed up with the predictable claims that Trump is a “psychopathic, racist, ignorant fascist.”

Of course there is great hypocrisy in Alec Baldwin chastising the behavior of anyone else, given his history of mean-spirited and entitled shenanigans.

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