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Hollywood Actress Makes Wild Comparison Between Masks and AR-15’s

Comparing masks to rifles is like comparing apples to oranges, or like comparing aging actresses to consummate political pundits. 

This wildly stringent division that we are experiencing in our nation today has dumbed us down in some of the most obvious ways imaginable, and it’s getting to be more than a little embarrassing…if we’re being honest.

Instead of arguing the merits of any particular policy with one another, we find ourselves merely lobbing ad hominem attacks in the direction of our political opponents, and launching ridiculous and unrelated criticisms about all willy-nilly.

Take Alyssa Milano, for example, who this week sought to draw a comparison between the wearing of face masks and semi-automatic rifles. 

Actress Alyssa Milano said that people who merely disagree with mask mandates or the efficacy of them are the same people who “think they need an AR-15 for ‘”protection.’”

“Anti-maskers are the same people who think they need an AR-15 for “protection”. LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK: A MASK WILL PROTECT YOU *MORE* THAN AN AR-15 WILL,” Milano.

Aside from the obvious reaching that Milano is doing here, there are some prime examples of Hollywood’s most notable stars being safeguarded by such weapons.

Milano’s claims also ignore the fact that Hollywood leftists regularly attend events where AR-15s and/or M4s — both of which are AR variants — are used to keep celebrities safe.

On January 11, 2016, Breitbart News noted that anti-gun Hollywood availed itself of good guys with guns to protect the celebrities in attendance at the 73rd annual Golden Globe awards. Photos from the event showed AR-15s and/or M4s were among the guns carried in order to offer protection.

Comparing masks to rifles is like comparing apples to oranges, or like comparing aging actresses to consummate political pundits.

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