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Hollywood actress pushes climate agenda with Hurricane Dorian ‘revenge’ tweet

Here we go again…

One of the nation’s most prominent celebrity critics of President Trump took to Twitter today to declare that Hurricane Dorian is Mother Nature “taking her revenge”, just as the storm began battering the East Coast.

Dorian has finally, and thankfully, moved away from the Bahamas, where the storm parked for days, complicating rescue efforts.  The Category 2 system is now moving ashore, with an anticipated path of destruction drawn through Georgia, the Carolinas, and beyond.

With this imminent devastation just hours away, one of Hollywood’s leading ladies is tweeting that we may have deserved it.

Far-left actress and activist Bette Midler suggested Tuesday that Hurricane Dorian is an example of “Nature is taking her revenge.”

“Hurricanes stronger, waters higher; Nature is taking her revenge,” Bette Midler said late Tuesday, adding that “The devastation is extraordinary.”

The actress continued her rant, even making a ridiculous comment regarding President Trump and cocaine.

Midler went on to write in the tweet that those who are not currently in the path of Dorian will soon understand what it is like, declaring that “our time is coming soon.”

The Hocus Pocus actress added, “We stand in solidarity with the victims of Dorian, knowing that our time is coming soon.”

Midler also took aim at President Donald Trump on Tuesday with a note about his “Twitterstorm,” calling it a “Category 5.”

“Dear Donnie, Boy, that was some Twitterstorm you provided us with this weekend,” Midler wrote in a separate tweet. “A regular Category 5!! But you’re not looking good. Don’t forget, you’re not supposed to snort anything white after Labor Day!”

Midler has been a long outspoken critic of President Trump, so it should come as no surprise that she would use this natural disaster to diss The Donald.

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