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Host on ‘The View’ Says Virus Lockdown Protesters are ‘Terrorists’

Now that’s a stretch.

As with any issue in America these days, the mainstream media is driving a wedge deep into the center of the argument over coronavirus precautions and prevention.

You see, conflict sells television commercials, so there has to be combative element to all of this.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t grab your attention, and you wouldn’t end up seeing the advertisement that reminded you to put laundry detergent on the shopping list.

So, predictably, the rhetoric has turned radical in this discussion about when the appropriate time to reopen the country could come.  Joy Behar of The View is a perfect example of this ridiculousness.

Behar said, “Well, you know, let me first say that we are lucky to be working from home, all of us. I feel for these people who are losing their jobs. I really do. But they have to understand that they can infect other people. You know to paraphrase Patrick Henry, give me liberty and give me death is what they are basically proposing because a lot of people are going to die because of this behavior. It has already been shown that self-quarantining, whatever you want to call it, besides distancing and PPE’s, has been working. It works.

But then came her coup de grace…

She added, “These people are being egged on by right-wing media and people like Alex Jones, like Rush Limbaugh. Why are you bringing guns to a rally?  You want to call yourself protesters leave your guns home. Those are terrorists that bring guns to rallies. I don’t trust that at all. Don’t listen to these people.”

Note that Behar was not concerned about the virus affecting these Americans.  She seemed to be interested only in sputtering through a thinly-veiled attack on conservatives.

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