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House Democrats Eye New Subpoenas After Release of Mueller Report

We The People mustn’t allow the imaginary distinctions of partisan politics to divide us any further, as this would play directly into the hands of Vladimir Putin.

As many in the media have predicted, almost too easily, the release of the Mueller report to the public and to Congress would only be the beginning of more trouble for the President.  

So far, these simple predications have been accurate, as they would be in any situation where 400+ pages of information about an organization are released on such a grand scale.  The issue today seems to be the diverging messages that the nation’s politicians and pundits are promoting.

The President has said that this is “game over” in a twee inspired by popular television program Game of Thrones, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, especially now.

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The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee says he’ll be issuing a subpoena for the full special counsel report and the underlying materials.

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New York Rep. Jerry Nadler says the report “outlines disturbing evidence” that President Donald Trump engaged in misconduct.

A redacted version of Robert Mueller’s report was released on Thursday.

Nadler says the attorney general’s decision to withhold the full report from lawmakers is “regrettable, but no longer surprising.”

We The People mustn’t allow the imaginary lines of partisan politics cloud our view any longer.  We cannot simply take the word of whichever talking head or public servant we choose to.  Not now.  This is far too important an event to be playing on any team other than the national team.

Democrats are out to get the President, the President and his party are out to save his skin.  Neither angle represents what it best for the American people and our continued failure to unite in this realization could very well lead this country into chaos.

And there is nothing that Vladimir Putin would like more than the United States in chaos.

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