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Howard Dean attempts to paint Pelosi’s belligerence as political genius

Pelosi is refusing to act as a public servant to her impeachment-hungry constituents, and Howard Dean thinks that’s just fine.

Welcome to 2019, folks – a magical time and place where the democrats are attempting to convince Americans that impeaching President Donald Trump is good for him.

At least that’s the impression that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems determined to make stick in DC.  Pelosi has been facing an inordinate and increasingly vociferous demand from her fellow democrats to begin impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump due to their interpretation of the Mueller report – an interpretation that is certainly not shared by either the White House or the Department of Justice.

Pelosi’s thinking is simple, in that she understands impeachment would likely end at the Senate, and just in time for the democrats to have egg on their face as the nation heads to the polls for 2020.  The only problem with Pelosi’s plan is that her party is so overwhelmingly in favor of impeachment that her finger-in-the-dam routine is bound to fail.

Now, a former democratic presidential contender is coming to Pelosi’s side, stating that her stalling tactics may be some sort of sublime maneuver that not even her colleagues in Congress can fully grasp.

Speaking on MSNBC on Monday…

Dean said, “I’m one of the few people who was actually around when Nixon was impeached. This is exactly what happened. They were very careful. They were very deliberate. They didn’t go beyond the facts that were known, and the groundswell grew.”

He continued, “I think what Pelosi’s doing is brilliant, actually. She’s letting the momentum build. I don’t think she’s resisting it as much as you said she was.”

Dean would go on to say that Pelosi was “playing her hand exactly right” – a far cry from the incessant in exponentially louder calls for impeachment coming from the left side of the aisle this week.

Pelosi has been routinely lambasted by her constituents regarding her reticence to move forward on impeachment, with many beginning to call her leadership into question.


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