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ICE Chief has sobering, startling response to lawmakers’ accusation on Capitol Hill

Legislators were not ready for that sort of verbal smackdown.

The intensity with which Americans debate the current border crisis is profound, as it should be.

There are would-be/could-be Americans out there risking life and limb to make it here.  More often than not, they choose a dangerous journey across the desert with opportunistic smugglers whose only desire is to be paid…one way or another.  Untold numbers of these migrants don’t make it to America, succumbing to the conditions, the “coyotes”, or the actual coyotes.

Those who do make it to America’s ports of entry encounter hardship as well.  The migrant detention centers at the border are filling at an unsustainable rate as these asylum seekers are waiting to be processed.

Thanks to massive and well-funded “migrant caravans”, we have reached a tipping point in the legal immigration system.  The fulcrum of this tipping lever are Congressional democrats who have refused to work on legislation repairing the broken process, while parading themselves around migrant detention centers in self-aggrandizing tirades about the conditions are spewed forth.

Today, as the left attempted to berate one member of the Trump administration’s immigration team, they found themselves on the receiving end of a brutal verbal beatdown.

Former acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan delivered a fiery defense of border agents during a House hearing where Democratic lawmakers just hours earlier had decried conditions at migrant detention centers — as he ripped into the agency’s congressional critics and said they should be “ashamed” of their conduct.

“If you don’t like this, do your job. Fix it,” Homan testified before the House Oversight Committee, recalling in graphic detail his own experiences on the job seeing dead bodies in tractor-trailers as he underscored the severity of the border crisis.

The stagnation on immigration has been a ticking time bomb in American politics, with the “resistance”-prone democrats refusing to agree with anything President Trump proposes, carte blanche, no matter how many would-be Americans suffer as the countdown clicks away.


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