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IG’s ‘urgent’ Capitol Hill briefing details bizarre propaganda dossier sent to Mike Pompeo

The development has been called a “completely irrelevant distraction” by Raskin.

In the midst of the already-rowdy impeachment fight occurring in our nation’s capital these days, a truly strange story seemed poised to emerge this afternoon.

The Inspector General of the State Department was hurrying to Capitol Hill to brief congressional leaders on an “urgent” matter, likely linked to the current state of the impeachment investigation being conducted by liberal lawmakers.

The briefing was to be held behind closed doors, adding a bit of mystery to the entire affair as well.

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But, just moments after the meeting ended, the truth of the matter was revealed – and it has Americans everywhere scratching their heads.

Neither the IG nor the Congresspersons briefed on the mysterious packet have any explanation as to where the information came from, who created it, or what its purpose was.

The “urgent” nature of the briefing was bewildering to many.

The packet itself was bizarre:

Some reporting shows that Rudy Giuliani may be involved as well, at least in subject.

Some are already calling the briefing a distraction.

The development has been called a “completely irrelevant distraction” by Raskin.


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