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Iran in Hot Water After Secret Stash of Nuclear Material Discovered

This is NOT good!

Before this infernal pandemic arrived here in the United States, our national attention was focused squarely on the Middle East.

That’s because Iran, of course, was acting up – working to destabilize the mideast oil industry.  Tankers were attacked with magnetic mines, pipelines were bombed, and an American drone was shot out of the sky.  This escalation, and the rhetoric that surrounded it, brought us the assassination of one of Iran’s generals by the US, and a retort of 15 ballistic missiles being fired at US soldiers sleeping on-base in Iraq.

For many, there was a real fear that WWIII would soon be upon us.

But COVID came to the world and changed the entirety of society, putting a pause on the animosity.

The latest news from Iran could bring the Persian Nation back to the forefront of the international discussion, however.

The United States has evidence that Iran is stockpiling enriched uranium, the key component in a nuclear weapon, in direct violation of international restrictions on Tehran’s use of the fissile material.

Nuclear experts predict that Iran is now just 3.5 months away from the “breakout time,” a measurement of how close the country is to having the technology and materials to construct a nuclear weapon. It also now has the fuel to potentially construct two separate bombs.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) disclosed on Friday that Iran has nearly doubled its stockpiles of enriched uranium, generating concerns about the country’s continued progress on a nuclear weapon. Iran granted the IAEA access to several contested nuclear sites that had previously been off limits. A report on Tehran’s nuclear activities was shared with the United States and other United Nations members.

State Department officials believe that Iran could have enough material to possibly produce two nuclear weapons in the next several months, making the religious regime even more dangerous than before.

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