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Iran releases WILD new threat against US, warning of ‘immediate’ and ‘crushing’ retaliation

The President’s response to the ludicrous claims was swift and stern.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has long been talking the talk, but their ability to walk the walk is the subject of much debate.

The small, Middle Eastern nation is no fan of the United States, and absolutely despises her ally in Israel, having several times threatened to wipe the Jewish state off the map.  This has led to predictable tensions between the two nations.

Despite this long history of feuding, former President Barack Obama felt it prudent to enter into a poorly-enforced “nuclear deal” with the Persian nation – a misstep corrected by the current Trump administration.  With the nullification of the deal came new sanctions on Iran that were meant to bring the unruly leadership in Tehran under the thumb of the international community.

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Iran has been defiant, however, participating in flagrant attacks on the Middle East’s oil infrastructure, with a particular focus on disrupting the work of Saudi Arabia.  Now, as the US continues to putt pressure on the regime to fall in line, the Middle Eastern ne’er-do-wells are making bold and incendiary threats against the United States.

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Iran on Wednesday warned that it would “immediately” retaliate against the United States if Tehran is targeted over a crippling weekend attack on Saudi oil facilities.

The threat, which was sent via the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, also condemned remarks made by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other high-ranking U.S. officials suggesting Iran was behind the move.

“Iran’s response will be prompt and strong, and it may include broader areas than the source of attacks,” Iran’s Mehr News Agency reported.

Tehran’s Far News Agency added that any response would be “rapid and crushing.”

This isn’t the first time that Iran has made such wildly hyperbolic threats, with previous incarnations even including the ludicrous claim that the nation possessed “secret” weapons capable of rendering US military assets obsolete.

President Trump responded just hours later:

What lies ahead for the Iran saga is anyone’s guess.

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