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Iran ups the ante in Strait of Hormuz standoff, taking western hostages

Tehran decided to mess with the wrong US ally, that’s for sure.

Iran wants attention, that is plainly obvious, and they don’t seem to care who they harm in order to get it.

Their latest antics have brought chaos to the Strait of Hormuz, one of the world’s busiest and most vital shipping lanes.  From the Strait emanates an enormous percentage of the world’s oil supply, and Iran has been exploiting their strategic position in the region to wreak havoc on this multi-billion dollar industry.

Now, in their latest brazen act of aggression, the Persian nation has seized two British oil tankers, taking the crew hostage as well.

Iran seized two British-operated oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz Friday, marking a fresh escalation of tensions between Tehran and the West.

The U.K.-flagged Stena Impero, which has a crew of 23 aboard, “was approached by unidentified small crafts and a helicopter during transit of the Strait of Hormuz while the vessel was in international waters,” Stena Bulk, the shipping company that owns the vessel, said in a statement. “We are presently unable to contact the vessel which is now heading north towards Iran.”

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard forces, in a statement on their website, say the ship was seized for “non-compliance with international maritime laws and regulations” and is being brought to an unnamed Iranian port, according to the Associated Press. Websites tracking the ship’s path showed it turning sharply in the direction of Iran’s Qeshm Island, instead of its intended destination of Saudi Arabia.

Just weeks ago, Iran downed a US drone over international waters, prompting a near-retaliation by President Trump that was called off at the last minute for its disproportionate casualties.

Now, with our longest ally being harassed by the Iranian regime, Tehran might not get so lucky again.


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