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James Carville Gives Joe Biden a Pass on Offensive ‘You Ain’t Black’ Claim

The Democrat’s official stance on Biden’s racial insensitivity seems to be “nothing to see here, move along”.

The Democratic Party appears to be stuck with Joe Biden for the 2020 election, and they’re pulling out all the stops in order to make him appear as though he’s a viable candidate for the presidency.

But there are several issues with the former Vice President’s candidacy, not the least of which deals with his apparent mental decline and his inability to keep his foot out of this mouth.  This week, that was very plain to see after Biden told a popular African American radio host that “you ain’t black” if you’re considering voting for Donald Trump.

Whether this is a genuine belief held by Biden or simply his attempt to bolster the “Trump is a racist” vitriol that his party has been promoting for years isn’t known.

What we do know is that the Democratic Party is bending over backwards to bury the story.

Friday on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour,” Democratic strategist James Carville was dismissive of comments made by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden earlier in the day, which he told radio’s “The Breakfast Club” if one did not vote for him, they “ain’t black.”

Carville acknowledged it was a “dumb thing” for the former vice president to say. However, he downplayed the long-term political consequences.

“Look, it was kind of a dumb thing to say,” Carville said. “And he said I’m sorry. I said it. This is him. The effects of this are through the weekend, all right? This is not going to be mean diddly squat in the long-term. And Gene is right. You’ve got one guy telling people to take Clorox and a drug that is ill-advised against. It is not an equivalency, but the Democrats — we love to go, ‘Oh God, oh God, Biden is terrible. He messed up. What are we going to do?’”

Of course, this is the same Democratic “resistance” that has been trying to get a look at Trump’s tax returns for 4 years and who spent several months parroting a story about an alleged affair between Trump and an adult film actress that took place over a dozen years ago.

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