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James Comey, Jerry Nadler both blame Trump for weekend mass shooting spree

These absurd claims are likely to be parroted by the mainstream media in the coming hours.

If you acquiesce yourself to being perpetually and constantly angry at the President, you can assign any sort of blame that you want on him.  Facts no longer matter in this game of scape-goatery, and leading Washington personalities know it.

This “resistance” is striking again, and in earnest today, as the progressive left attempts to smear Donald Trump as being somehow complicit or culpable for the violence of the last few days.

Fired FBI Director James Comey is accusing President Donald Trump of attempting to exploit racism as part of a strategy to win re-election in the wake of a pair of deadly shootings.

“Our president thinks he is doing something clever. He lifts the control rods for a calculated and deeply cynical purpose: to harness the political energy unleashed. It will heat his re-election bid, he likely thinks. But unconstrained, it will damage the nation, in all directions. Only fools believe they can ride the gamma rays of hate,” Comey wrote in a New York Times opinion-editorial.

Comey certainly wasn’t the only one attempting to make the connection either.

Congressman Jerry Nadler also took a shot at it.

Nadler said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” he is not surprised by Trump’s reaction, blaming his “divisive and racist rhetoric” for the violence.

“The president’s reaction should be shocking except he can’t shock anymore,” Nadler argued. “He can’t go lower than he’s been. I mean, to link — these shootings were clearly in part result of his racist rhetoric. That’s clear — his divisive and racist rhetoric. People have warned that they would lead to violence and now they have.”

This politicization of the dual tragedies has been exorbitant over the course of the last 24 hours, with many calling for the mainstream media to engage is some common decency as Americans are grieving.

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