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James Comey Makes Laughable Claim About ObamaGate Investigation

If Comey truly believes this, he’ll be soon inundated with folks who want to sell him some swampland. 

The news moves fast these days.  Hundreds of stories filter in and out of our psyches every day, sometimes twice over.  There are rebuttals, rebuttals to rebuttals, retractions of rebuttals, and so on and so forth until we’re all blue in the face.   But despite this massive weight of the news’ sheer volume, few of us will ever forget James Comey.

Comey was at the top of the FBI when Hillary Clinton was caught red-handed endangering our national security by circumnavigating the protocol that keeps her email account safe.  This was in order to hide some of her emails from the government’s watchdogs, which is in and of itself a despicable thing for a public servant to do.

Comey let Clinton off of this, and has forever drawn the ire of the Republicans on account of it.

Then, even more heinously, Comey was at the center of the FISA abuse scandal that resulted in the Obama administration’s FBI effectively spying on the 2016 Trump campaign.

Comey has had a target on his back; this my point.  Oddly enough, he seems to be playing oblivious to it all.

Former FBI Director James Comey spoke dismissively of Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation of the origins of the bureau’s Russia probe Sunday, saying he has not been contacted for it and that it is being used as a political tool for President Trump and his supporters.

In an interview that aired Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Comey insisted that everyone involved in the investigation was “trying to do the right thing” and therefore Durham’s probe was not concerning for him.

“I have had no contact with him and haven’t talked to him,” Comey said about Durham, adding, “I can’t imagine that I’m a target.”

If Comey truly believes this, he’ll be soon inundated with folks who want to sell him some swampland.

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