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James Comey Suggest ‘Burning the GOP to the Ground’

Nobody asked you, Jimmy.

There are few figures more despised among MAGA-leaning conservative these days than James Comes, the disgraced former FBI Chief.

Comey appears to have had his fingers in quite a few different controversial moments over the course of the last few years, most notably in regard to the FISA abuse scandal that allowed the FBI to effectively spy on the 2016 Trump campaign.  Comey was also the infamous FBI head honcho who let Hillary Clinton off without so much as a slap on the wrist after she endangered our nation’s national security with a secret, unsecured email server in the State Department.

In other words, there aren’t too many Republicans who are big fans of James Comey at the moment.

And, according to the latest from the beleaguered former spook, the feeling might be mutual.

Former FBI Director James Comey said in an interview published Thursday that the Republican Party must “be burned to the ground” before it can rebuild now that former President Trump’s term in the Oval Office has ended.

Comey told Australia’s ABC “7.30” news program that the GOP “doesn’t stand for anything that is valuable to our country.”

“It doesn’t stand for anything, that is other than a cult of personality around a man who is a demagogue and a liar,” he added.

The longtime Republican, who now describes himself as an independent, told the news outlet that “the Republican Party has to be burned to the ground, in some form or fashion.”

“If it’s going to survive, and we need two healthy parties to have a healthy democracy, it has to be rebuilt in some way,” he added. “I think you may see principled Republicans splitting off or finding a way to push the Trumpers off, so they can reconstitute the Republican Party on a set of real values.”

The harshest words came just a few days earlier, however.

“The Republican Party needs to be burned down or changed,” Comey told the British outlet. “Something is shifting and I’m hoping it’s the fault breaking apart, a break between the Trumpists and those people who want to try and build a responsible conservative party, because everybody should know that we need one.

“Who would want to be part of an organization that at its core is built on lies and racism and know-nothingism? It’s just not a healthy political organization.”

But, despite his disdain for what the GOP resembles today, Comey has stated that he does not feel as though Donald Trump should be prosecuted after leaving office, believing that the true mission of the Attorney General is “fostering the trust” of the American people.

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