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Japanese Officials Raise Alarms Over Kim Jong Un’s Health After Recent Controversy

Is there more to the Kim Jong Un health mystery after all?

There is no singular force of chaos more ubiquitous in Asia than North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, and his continued presence on the continent has made everyone just a bit nervous as of late.

Kim comes from a long line of belligerent, dynastic despots.  His father and his father before him were both at the head of the DPRK for decades, forcing the entire nation deeper into poverty and chaos as the years rolled on.

As such, Kim Jong Un has been forced to work ever harder to maintain his grasp on power, over a populace that’s growing increasingly desperate.  A recent health scare had many observers wondering if Kim was going to be force to cede power to his younger sister, but the North Korean leader emerged from that incident seemingly alive and in good health.

But Japan isn’t so sure about that.

Japan has ‘some suspicions’ about the health of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un after months of speculation about his wellbeing.

Defence minister Taro Kono revealed his county’s concerns at a press conference on Thursday, the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War.

Kono’s insinuations seem awfully serious.

Mr Kono said: ‘We have some suspicions about his [Kim Jong-un’s] health,’ the Sun reported.

He said there had been ‘very strange movements’ in North Korea, which were because Kim is ‘trying not to get infected’. He added the virus is ‘spreading around the country’.

North Korea has steadfastly claimed it hasn’t recorded a single virus case, but foreign experts are highly skeptical.

Mr Kono refused to elaborate on what could be wrong with Kim and simply said: ‘I’m not allowed to discuss intelligence issues.’

North Korean officials brushed off the concerns about Kim’s health early and often, but, given what we know about how the DPRK operates, this may not be an indication of anything at all.

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