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Jeff Flake Warns Republican They Risk ‘Permanent Minority’ in Politics

It’s MAGA versus the Republican mainstream, and there’s a chance that nobody comes out a winner here.

While no future vision of the Republican Party is yet fully complete, there are some on the outskirts of American politics today who believe that, perhaps, there’s no one truly at the wheel at all.

It’s a strange turn of events, after political pundits spent years attempting to convince the nation that the Democratic Party was on the verge of a civil war of their own, with Bernie Sanders tearing the youth of the organization free from the moderate moorings of the leftist establishment.

But now it’s the GOP facing a reckoning, as MAGA voters remain a crucial voting block for mainstream Republicans.

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Former Senator Jeff Flake took to CNN this week to warn, however, that “Trumpism” can’t be a long-term partner of the GOP.

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“It simply has to [move on from Trump],” Flake advised on “CNN Newsroom.” “We have no choice. We’re headed down a demographic cul-de-sac if we don’t.”

“There’s really no future with Trumpism,” he added. “So, we’ve got to move on. It’s difficult because the president’s base is still there, but we have to move on.”

And then…

Host Pam Brown asked, “And what if you don’t? What if it just is the party of Trump?”

“Well, we’ll just continue to lose seats,” Flake replied. “We’ll continue to be, frankly, in a permanent minority if we continue this. So we have to. We should want to as well. I mean, look at what has happened since the last election. The president lost the election, then used every lever at his disposal to hang on … to the White House. And we saw what resulted on January 6.”

The divide among Republicans currently in Congress is a deep one, filled with bitter feeling about the events of the last several weeks, and there appears to be no compromise in sight for the GOP.

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