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Jim Acosta Attempts to Subterfuge Trump’s Rage in New Book

Acosta’s latest claims are simply wild.

The mainstream media is in a very precarious place as of late.

First of all, they’ve been exposed for what they truly are:  Infotainment peddlers who exploit our emotions for profit.  They slather on a heaping slop of sensationalism whenever they get the chance, just to make sure that they are more entertaining than their competitors.  The problem here is that this all of this hyperbole trickles down to the American people, some of whom are not yet aware that this is all an act to make money.

The damage done by these talking heads is often far more damaging than they intended, but, blinded by greed, they will do whatever it takes to remain wealthy and famous.

Such is the case with CNN’s Jim Acosta whose latest book looks to undermine the trustworthiness of the President of the United States by accusing him of acting.

In his book “The Enemy of the People,” slated for release on June 11, Acosta recalls getting a phone call from then-White House communications director Hope Hicks who said the president wanted her to tell Acosta he was “very professional” after the two had a testy exchange in which the president called Acosta “fake news.”

So, what exactly was said?

The exchange happened during a press conference in February of 2017, according to an extract of the book obtained by The Guardian. Based on Acosta’s account, it seemed as though Hicks indicated Acosta understood the subtext of their exchange that day.

“He said, ‘Jim gets it’,” Acosta claims Hicks said of Trump.

“When he called us ‘fake news’, it was, in his mind, an act,” Acosta writes.

Acosta’s book comes after a long line of confrontations between him and the president, who has often referred to CNN as “fake news.”

Acosta’s insinuation is that President Trump’s feud with the media is nothing more than an act; a might bold claim from someone whose entire living depends on just how salacious his company acts while in the West Wing.


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