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Jim Jordan Goes for the Jugular with Manhattan Subpoena

Jim Jordan is wasting no time getting to the bottom of this fiasco.

As Donald Trump prepares for whatever conjured legal trouble may be coming his way in the next several months, the GOP is looking to eviscerate the case against him – and swiftly.

For many Republicans, the 34 felony charges brought against Trump by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg are little more than political posturing, meant to dissuade The Don from running again in 2024.  Surely, if Manhattan can’t take him down, the Biden administration will sic the DOJ on him.  Or maybe Special Counsel Jack Smith will have some sort of silver bullet.

In any case, it is rather important that the GOP continues to negate these attacks against Trump as quickly as they arise, like some partisan-press version of Whack-a-Mole.

House Rep. Jim Jordan understands this well, and he’s taking the gloves off.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) escalated Republicans’ investigation into the Manhattan district attorney’s indictment of former President Donald Trump by subpoenaing a prosecutor on Thursday who resigned from the office last year over the district attorney’s initial reluctance to pursue Trump’s case.

Jordan’s subpoena, reviewed by Breitbart News, directs Mark Pomerantz, who resigned from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office in February 2022, to appear before the committee for a deposition on April 20.

The firebrand Republican wasn’t playing around.

In a cover letter accompanying the subpoena, Jordan said his committee had legislative reasons to demand Pomerantz’s testimony.

“Congress has a specific and manifestly important interest in preventing politically motivated prosecutions of current and former Presidents by elected state and local prosecutors, particularly in jurisdictions—like New York County—where the prosecutor is popularly elected and trial-level judges lack life tenure,” Jordan wrote.

Bragg’s monumental filing could see Trump sentenced to well over 100 years in jail if convicted, but that outcome appears less and less likely by the hour as legal experts and politicians continue to eviscerate the charges in the media.

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