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Joe Biden 2A Policy Threatens to Impose Tax on Guns You Already Own

This is simply ludicrous.

In an election largely centered around controversial and salacious muckraking, there are only a few key policy points that either candidate seems willing to pontificate on.

This is a contest like few others in American history, where the content of the character of the candidates is far more critical to voters than their actual policy positions.  In many ways, the President has made the election more about him, as left-leaning voters around the country continue to characterize their support for Biden as simply opposition to Trump.

But there are some key policy differences that absolutely should be discussed, including a worrisome possibility for gun owners. 

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s proposed gun control policy includes a provision that could require every AR-15 rifle be registered under the National Firearms Act of 1934. Unless there were some form of carve-out, this could mandate that American gun owners pay a $200 federal tax per AR-15 that they own. The National Rifle Association’s Andrew Arulanandam told Breitbart News that the current “low end” estimate of privately-owned AR-15s in the United States is 18 million. A tax of $200 on 18 million AR-15s means that gun owners could potentially be required to a pay a collective $3.6 billion in taxes, if this policy were enacted into legislation.

That figure does not even consider other guns that might be deemed “assault weapons” by Democrats, which could also fall under the same provisions of the National Firearms Act.

In addition to the $200 tax, owners of guns that are deemed “assault weapons,” under Biden’s view of the NFA, could also be required to register these weapons with federal authorities, submit their finger prints and photograph, and potentially submit to an FBI background check.

President Donald Trump has consistently stated that Joe Biden would be “coming” for our guns, often in a very vague, stump-speech sort of way.

Now we have much more succinct idea of what exactly that would entail.

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