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Joe Biden accuses right wing news sites of bringing hate mongers ‘out from under rocks’

Is this Biden’s “basket of deplorables” moment?

In the fight for free speech, the American ruling class is taking sides in ways that no other modern political entity ever has.

And this is awfully dangerous, no doubt, thanks to the ever-present cacophony of the mainstream media.  Seen on television, heard through the radio, and streaming directly into our smartphones, there is little escape from the political whims of those who’ve proven to be the most salacious and bombastic.

Remember, the media is simply the paid pinnacle of hysteria, and the people you see are but the spewing lava at the tip of the volcano.  A spectacle for sure, but far removed from the reality of the tectonic forces at work.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is weighing in on the issue, taking time to lambast conservative news outlet Breitbart during a recent campaign stop.

“Now the Breitbarts, the hard right and the rest of these folks out there, they’re legitimizing by their actions the kinds of things that are happening,” Biden said. “You saw what happened in the synagogue, anyway I won’t go into it all, but the bottom line is this: I think the worst thing that happened to the United States of America of late is this division, villianizing and talking down other people.”

Biden attacked Breitbart News after he spoke to the American Federation of Teachers union in Houston, Texas, about the protests in Charlottesville, recent synagogue shootings, and the rise in hate crimes.

Here’s the kicker:

“Our children are listening, they’re listening, not a joke, not a joke,” Biden said. “Hate crimes are way up, we’ve empowered people coming out from under rocks that have never existed before.”

Biden is currently at the top of the 2020 democratic field, besting nearest rival Bernie Sanders by nearly twice as many percentage points.


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