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Joe Biden Brushes Off Calls to Testify on Ukraine, Citing ‘Distraction’ from Impeachment

If Biden’s actions in Ukraine were uncouth, then the entire impeachment process was for naught.

Former Vice President Joe Biden may not be on trial in the House this week, but is some ways, he is very much a part of the proceedings.

It was Biden’s work with the Ukraine, while serving under former President Barack Obama, that caught the eye of those concerned about possible corruption in Ukraine – namely President Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.  After the subject was broached with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a whistleblower then came forward to complain about precisely that incident, and thus began the impeachment fiasco we are currently embroiled in.

So, what if President Trump’s concerns about Biden and his son’s work in Ukraine were justified?  Wouldn’t that lend credence to the requests made of Ukraine’s leadership?

That is precisely why many on the right would like to have the former VP himself testify.

That’s not something that Biden is willing to do, apparently.

Joe Biden is dismissing calls from President Trump and his allies that Biden testify during an impeachment trial in the Senate, saying any effort to compel his testimony should be viewed as part of a strategy to distract from the president’s conduct.

“No, I’m not going to let you take the eye off the ball here. Everybody knows what this is about,” the former vice president told NPR when asked whether he would cooperate with a subpoena. “This is a Trump gambit he plays. Whenever he’s in trouble he tries to find someone else to divert attention to.”

Asked a second time whether he would comply with a subpoena, Biden said: “No, I will not yield to what everybody is looking for here. And that is to take the eye off the ball.” He added, “No one has … one scintilla of evidence that I did anything other than do my job for America as well as anybody could have done it.”

Despite his reticence to participate, Biden certainly has taken a hit in the polls since the beginning of the “formal impeachment inquiry”, and is now in what appears to be a dead heat with Senators Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders for the top spot in the primary race.


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