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Joe Biden falls in line with radical Democrats, calls for impeachment of President

If this doesn’t move Nancy Pelosi’s needle, what will?

The current state of affairs within our nation’s capital, and particularly within the Capitol, would have undoubtedly confounded our founding fathers.

We are in what some are calling a “Constitutional Crisis” – no doubt a a term invented by the mainstream media to garner clicks and ratings.

President Trump has defied a series of congressional requests, citing the lack of any official vote on the subject of impeachment.  This has triggered the left’s standing threat of adding possible charges of “obstruction” to their somewhat inevitable articles of impeachment.

Within the national discourse, the radical left is wining on this issue, even going so far as to push 2020 candidate Joe Biden into their corner.

In his clearest and most direct call to date for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, Joe Biden on Wednesday said the president “indicted” then “convicted himself” when he asked foreign nations to investigate his Democratic rival.

Biden in a lengthy speech laid out Trump’s actions in recent weeks, accusing him of trying to extort Ukraine and condemning Trump’s call from the White House lawn that China to investigate Biden.

“He’s shooting holes in the Constitution and we cannot let him get away with it,” Biden said as a crowd of supporters erupted into applause. “This isn’t a game, this is deadly serious.”

Biden stuck to the same talking points that “The Squad” has been utilizing.

Biden laid out a case that Trump’s actions were unprecedented for a U.S. president — among them his call for “civil war,” his suggestion that the whistleblower had committed treason, and his obstruction of the House’s impeachment investigation.

The President has been goading the Democrats toward impeachment for some time, of course, hoping for a speedy and swift end to the process – just in time to brag on his big win ahead of the 2020 elections.

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