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Joe Biden Finally Acknowledges Race Riots, Promptly Blames Donald Trump

We’ll see if these accusations stick, however.

For weeks now, the Democratic Party has been implored to speak on the nature of the demonstrations that have spread around our nation.  Sometimes peaceful, and sometime very much not, the underlying theme of these protests is racial equality, and they’ve been sparked by a number of horrific incidents that have gone viral on social media.

The latest manifestation of this anger erupted in Kenosha, Wisconsin after the shooting of 29 year old Jacob Blake.

Days later, a 17 year old child in attendance at the protest in Kenosha shot and killed two protesters, wounding a third.  This took the national rhetoric up another notch, finally forcing presumptive Democratic nominee for President to speak out.

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden blamed the violence in Kenosha, WI, and other places around the country on President Donald Trump “rooting” for and “encouraging” the violence.

Biden said, “The problem we have right now is we’re in Donald Trump’s America. You know, to quote Kellyanne Conway, she said, and I’m paraphrasing today, they’re looking for more violence and more destruction because it helps them politically. He views this as a political benefit for him, he’s rooting for more violence, not less, and he’s clear about that. What’s he doing? He’s pouring gasoline on the fire. This happens to be Donald Trump’s America. In Donald Trump’s America COVID is out of control, he’s not prepared for it, he hasn’t responded to it, and he continues to do nothing to deal with it. We have 15 million people out of work. It just is amazing how, if you noticed, they didn’t speak about COVID, and they didn’t speak about any of the reasons why we’re doing what’s happening in Kenosha is happening.”

There is no telling whether or not any attempt to brand this new American violence as a uniquely Trumpian trait will stick, especially as the news-cycle kicks it into high gear with only week to go before America casts their ballots.

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