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Joe Biden Looks to Tear Down President Trump’s ‘Legal’ Border Wall

The right side of the aisle is going to be furious.

President Donald Trump has long been a serious proponent of curbing illegal immigration into America, and this stance is a large part of what got him elected all the way back in 2016.

And while the Democrats attempted to decry Trump’s hopes for a “big, beautiful wall” on the southern border as racist or inhumane, they were ignoring the benefits of such a barrier entirely.

You see, illegal border crossings are inherently dangerous.  Not only are would-be Americans crossing treacherous terrain filled with dangerous animals and brutal weather, but they are also at the mercy of the coyotes:  Well-paid, shady guides who have been known to take advantage of the less capable during these arduous and expensive trips.

A border wall serves to funnel these immigrants into the legal immigration system, far from these nefarious smugglers and the dangerous journeys they offer.

And while Trump may have had a difficult time getting much of that physical deterrent built, his administration has achieved a great deal in terms of adding litigious obstacles to illegal immigration.

Joe Biden is looking to reverse some of those policies.

In statements this week, Biden and his advisers said they plan on taking down Trump’s legal wall that includes the Remain in Mexico policy, as well as cooperative asylum agreements with Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The agreements have allowed federal immigration officials to swiftly return border crossers to their native countries after failing to meet asylum thresholds.

“The timeline is to do it in fact to make it better not worse,” Biden said at a news conference on Tuesday. “The last thing we need is to say we’re going to stop immediately the access to asylum the way it’s being run now and end up with 2 million people on our border. It’s a matter of setting up the guardrails.”

Biden’s incoming domestic policy adviser Susan Rice and incoming national security adviser Jake Sullivan, in an interview with a Spanish language media outlet, said Biden would be ending Trump’s Central American agreements that have streamlined the asylum process and helped keep illegal immigration down.

The move certainly won’t play well with the far right, who’ve long believed that immigration reform is one of the most important policy issues that our nation faces.



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