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Joe Biden Named on Newly Declassified List of Those Who ‘Unmasked’ General Flynn

And just wait until you see who else is on the list!

Joe Biden was already a fairly weak candidate for the Democratic Party in 2020, and it appears as though the Trump administration has hobbled him even more this week.

Between his dulling mental acuity and his frequent temper tantrums on the campaign trail, Biden felt more like a liability than a leader.  Now that he’s also fending off a sexual assault allegation of increasing credibility, there have been open and vociferous discussions about just how best to replace him as the presumptive nominee, without somehow giving the nod to rightful heir Bernie Sanders.

All Biden can do now is try to avoid scandal.


Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell responded to a congressional request Wednesday by submitting a declassified list of Obama administration officials who had requested names be “unmasked” from Nov. 8, 2016 to Jan. 31, 2017.

Among those “unmasked”: incoming National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.).

And among those doing the “unmasking”: then-Vice President Joe Biden, who is now the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for the presidency in 2020.

Flynn, who was then the incoming National Security Advisor, spoke several times to then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The calls were picked up by U.S. intelligence, and Flynn’s name was leaked — illegally — to the media.

And Biden is far the only notable name on the list, which we’ve included below:

  • U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samatha Power

  • Director for National Intelligence James Clapper

  • Deputy Chief of Mission to Italy and Republic of San Marino Kelly Degnan (now Ambassador to Georgia)

  • U.S. Ambassador to Italy and the Republic of San Marino, John R. Phillips

  • CIA director John Brennan

  • U.S. Treasury Office of Intelligence and Analysis Patrick Conlon

  • Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew

  • Acting Assistant Treasury Secretary Arthur “Danny” McGlynn

  • Acting Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary Mike Neufeld

  • Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Sarah Raskin

  • Under Secretary Treasury Nathan Sheets

  • Acting Under Secretary Treasury Adam Szubin

  • U.S. NATO Advisor Robert Bell

  • U.S. Representative to the NATO Military Committee Vice Admiral John Christenson

  • FBI Director James Comey

  • U.S. NATO Office of the Defense Advisor Policy Advisor for Russia Lt. Col. Paul Geehreng

  • U.S. NATO Defense Advisor James Hursh

  • U.S. Deptuy Chief of Mission to NATO Lee Litzenberger (now Ambassador to Azerbaijan)

  • U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO Ambassador Douglas Lute

  • U.S. NATO Political Office Scott Parrish

  • Deputy Secretary of Energy Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall

  • U.S. NATO Political Advisor Tamir Waser

  • U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft

  • U.S. Ambassador to Turkey John Bass

  • White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough

  • Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Intelligence Integration Michael Dempsey

  • Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Stephanie O’Sullivan

  • Vice President Joe Biden

If you were looking to drain a swamp in the Deep State, this would be the roadmap.

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