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Joe Biden Torn to Shreds After Telling Radio Host ‘You Ain’t Black’ if You Vote for Trump

The Biden campaign was already close to sunk…how much more water can they take on at this point?

Joe Biden’s campaign team had one job, and one job only:  Keep the former Vice President as quiet as they could until he could pick a VP to act as his surrogate on the 2020 trail.

Biden is slipping, and that’s putting it nicely.  The former Vice President is a shell of the man he once was…and his oratory skills were never really top-notch to begin with.  He was known for his gaffes and non-sequiturs, but his performance in 2020 has been on an otherworldly level of gibberish that we’ve not see before in modern politics, save for maybe the likes of Vermin Supreme. 

To be fair, Supreme may actually be more eloquent than Biden at this point.

In their quest to keep Biden from sticking his foot in his own mouth, the 202o campaign team has failed again this week, with the nonsense-prone septuagenarian uttering one of the most profoundly offensive things that we’ve ever heard in a political space.

Joe Biden faced a swift backlash on Friday for suggesting during a contentious radio interview with host Charlamagne tha God that those having a hard time “figuring out” whether to support him or President Trump “ain’t black.”

The dustup occurred 17 minutes into the former vice president’s interview on “The Breakfast Club” – a nationally broadcast morning talk show popular with black listeners – when a Biden aide tried to end the interview, prompting the host to charge, “You can’t do that to black media.”

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee stressed that his wife had an upcoming engagement, and suggested he would have to go whether dealing with “white media” or “black media.”

“Uh, oh … I’m in trouble,” he joked as he referred to making his wife late. Biden and his wife Jill Biden share the same studio in the basement of their home in Wilmington, Del.

This is where things got off the rails…

After Charlamagne tha God, who is black, then asked Biden to come back on the program again and the former vice president agreed, the host added, “It’s a long way to November. We’ve got more questions.”

That’s when Biden dove into a rapid-fire defense of his record with the black community.

“I tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” he said.

The Biden campaign was already close to sunk…how much more water can they take on at this point?

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