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Joe Scarborough Floats VP Nikki Haley Conspiracy Theory

What Scarborough was lacking in factual analysis he more than made up for with hyperbole.

The mainstream media has been full of wild speculation as of late, which provides a distinct hypocrisy given just how they’ve conduced themselves during this latest impeachment fiasco.

For the left, the idea that former Vice President Joe Biden would have used his political position to empower his son’s Ukraine gas company career is a “debunked conspiracy theory”.  They have repeated this soundbite ad nauseam over the course of the last few weeks, as it bolsters their belief that Donald Trump’s attempts to clean up corruption in Ukraine were illegitimate and unbecoming.

But the mainstream media seems to have no problem with perpetuating conspiracy theories that behoove their own agenda, like the possibility that Nikki Haley will replace Mike Pence on the 2020 Trump ticket.

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley is angling to steal Vice President Mike Pence‘s spot on the 2020 presidential ticket before next November, said MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Monday.

The “Morning Joe” co-host was discussing Haley’s new book, “With All Due Respect,” and claimed her writing was a dog whistle meant to signal to President Trump that she is ready to become his new right hand.

“This wasn’t even about book buyers. For Nikki Haley, this was an audience of one,” he said. “She’s putting herself in position to be Mike Pence’s replacement if the president decides he needs to replace Mike Pence.

“And this was an audition,” Scarborough continued. “Just like [Bill] Barr wrote that memo that Donald Trump fell for — hook, line, and sinker and became attorney general. That’s exactly what this book is all about.”

Scarborough was unable to provide any evidence for his nonsense, furthering the stereotype that mainstream pundits are little more than rumormongers with an agenda.

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