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Joe Scarborough Insults Trump Voters Ahead of Impeachment Trial

Now this is just petty.

The world has known for some time that mainstream media pundit Joe Scarborough is no fan of Donald Trump, nor does he have any real affinity for his supporters either.

The infotainment industry mainstay has spent the last four years spewing ever-more vicious vitriol in the direction of the MAGA movement, with the strength of his verbiage crescendoing as would-be insurrectionists were chanting “hang Mike Pence” while strolling through the Capitol.

Now, just a day ahead of Trump’s second impeachment trial, Scarborough has again uttered insults in the direction of his followers.

From his Monday morning program:

According to Scarborough, the group that breached the Capitol on Jan. 6 are “Trump terrorists.” He pointed to conservatives who spoke out against people kneeling for the national anthem and said anyone who was critical of the kneeling but not of the “Trump terrorists” using an American flag to beat a police officer has had their American values “collapsed.”

“We have Trump terrorists — and call them by their name — they are Trump terrorists. We have Trump terrorists that beat cops to death. We have cop killers in that crowd,” Scarborough emphasized. “We have MAGA terrorists in that crowd that used the American flag — the American flag that so many people have fought and died for. that they held up at Iwo Jima at the beginning of a long and bloody battle, that has gone before all of our troops of liberation through the years. They used that American flag to brutalize…  a police officer. And they are worried about people kneeling. You can have that debate. Mika and I have had that debate, all right? But here, if you’re on the side you can’t even kneel while the national anthem is being played, but you’re saying, ‘Let’s just forget about the fact that they used an American flag to brutalize a police officer,’ something is wrong with you. Your values have completely, your American values have collapsed because you’re worshipping a weak leader who has done nothing but lose in the last four years.”

The agitation is likely all for naught, however, as Senator Lindsey Graham and others have begun to paint Trump’s coming acquittal as inevitable.

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