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John Bolton Says GOP Should Explain to MAGA Crowd That Trump Lost

The snark was unsurprising, given Bolton’s previous attacks on the Trump administration.

From the moment that John Bolton left the White House, he has been on a warpath against President Trump.

Bolton was a notorious warhawk during his decades in Washington DC, and spent a brief amount of time advising the Trump Administration on several key international issues – most notably Iran.

But Bolton and the Commander in Chief didn’t see eye-to-eye, and, as we all know, President Trump hasn’t been shy about switching things up in his administration.  This sent Bolton bolting for the exits, and sent the man Kim Jon Un referred to as “The Mustache” packing from Pennsylvania Avenue.

Now, after a fiery book denouncing the Trump presidency, Bolton has returned with more shade for 45, this time lamenting that the GOP hasn’t yet explained to the MAGA movement that Trump actually lost the 2020 election.

From a recent appearance on ABC:

Bolton said, “I think it’s very important for leaders of the Republican Party to explain to our voters, who are not as stupid as the Democrats think, that in fact Trump has lost the election and his claims of election fraud are baseless. The fact is we’ve seen litigation in all the key battleground states, and it has failed consistently. The Trump campaign is doing the legal equivalent of pinching pennies. Where are the silver dollars? Where’s the evidence? As every day goes by, it’s clearer there isn’t any evidence. If the Republican voters are only hearing Donald Trump’s misrepresentations, it’s not surprising they believe it. It’s critical for other Republican leaders to stand up and explain what actually happened. Donald Trump lost by any evidence we have so far by a free and valid election.”

He continued, “I think this is a character test for the Republican Party. I don’t buy the argument that Donald Trump has hypnotized Republican voters, or they’re not capable of accepting the truth. This is a myth that’s being perpetrated that’s not true. It requires people to explain what happened. The Trump campaign simply has no evidence. Their basic argument is this was a conspiracy to vast and so successful that there’s no evidence of it. If that’s true, I really want to know who the people are who pulled this off. We need to hire them at the CIA. The fact is this is all blue smoke and mirrors. I think people will accept that if they see leaders, they respect explain it to them.”

President Trump appears to have no plans to concede the election to Joe Biden, repeatedly insisting that the election was rigged against him.

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