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John Kasich Makes Pedantic Claim About Enthusiasm Among Trump Supporters

This is just silly.

There are no shortage of ways in which the liberal left will attempt to undermine President Trump’s chances in the 2020 election, but the more worrisome concern is what some rogue Republicans might do to join the anti-Trump tirades.

It’s not easy to beat an incumbent President in an election, especially when that President is as beloved by his base as Donald Trump is.  Fans are waiting hours, sometimes days in line to attend Trump rallies, and they have been an unstoppable force in the online arena as well.

One Republican Governor, however, believes that the Donald Trump ‘show’ is ‘winding down’.

Friday on CNN’s “OutFront,” former Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) said voters were no longer interested in President Donald Trump’s “show.”

When asked about Trump’s lowering poll numbers, Kasich said, “I kind of think she’s jumped the shark. That’s ‘Happy Days’ when Fonz jumped the shark, and that was about the end of the show. I’ve been saying that I think he has jumped the shark. People wanted him to mix it up. They said, let’s take a chance on this guy. This is about our families. It’s about our kids going back to school. It’s about mom and dad. It’s about grandma, grandpa. The guy won’t wear a mask. We’re behind the curve on all this. He’s dismissing it. When you do that, you are now messing around with people’s lives, and people don’t like that.”

And that’s not all.

Then came his wildest claim.

“Yeah, he’s losing momentum. The thing about Tulsa that was interesting, Erin — I just saw a few of the clips. You saw people looking at their watches, and people were yawning and reaching across. And I would say four years ago, people were kind of transfixed by this show. But the show’s kind of — the show’s winding down. They canceled because they weren’t going to get the crowd. New Hampshire is such an interesting place. I’ve spent a lot of time up there. I did 115 town hall meetings. People are very independent, and they’re not looking on this favorably if had terms of what he’s done with corona and what he’s done with the virus, uh, not the virus, the protests. That’s another thing he’s missed. Both virus and the protests, strike two.”

Kasich has long been a vocal opponent of Donald Trump, after failing to secure the Republican nomination in 2016.

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