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Josh Hawley Takes Aim at Democrats Who Filed Complaint Against Him

Two can play at this game.

Senator Josh Hawley has quickly become one of the most divisive figures in Washington DC, after committing himself fully to the idea that the election of 2020 should have been overturned in favor of Donald Trump on January 6th – the same day that an insurrectionist mob forced their way into the Capitol chanting that they intended to “hang Mike Pence”.

Hawley, along with a handful of other Senators, were objecting to the election results as the crowd surged into the building, forcing the Capitol’s evacuation and putting the Missouri Senator in the crosshairs of Democrats, who filed an ethics complaint against him shortly thereafter.

Now, Hawley is biting back. 

Sen. Josh Hawley Monday slammed the Democratic senators who filed an ethics complaint against him and Sen. Ted Cruz over their Electoral College objections on Jan. 6 — and continued to defend his decision to object to electoral votes during the joint session to certify President Biden’s Nov. 3 win.

Hawley aired his grievances in two letters sent Monday morning. In one of the letters, Hawley, R-Mo., called for the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate the seven Democrats who filed the complaint against him and Cruz, R-Texas, accusing the senators of filing “an unprecedently frivolous and improper ethics complaint… [w]ithout citing any relevant evidence or offering any good-faith argument.”

Hawley was stern in his statement on the subject.

“The complaint against me does not suggest that my objection to Pennsylvania’s electoral votes was legally improper. No Senator could make such a suggestion with a straight face. Federal law expressly authorizes Senators to object that a State’s electoral votes were not ‘regularly given,'” Hawley says in his letter to the Ethics Committee. “Democrats have repeatedly invoked this provision. Indeed, in every presidential election since 2000 that a Republican has won, Democrats have sought to object to electoral votes on that ground, regardless of whether any good-faith basis existed for such objections.”

Josh Hawley, along with fellow Senator Ted Cruz, condemned the violence at the Capitol, but this did not deter the Democrats from filing their complaint.

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