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Judge Nap Blasts ‘Secret Police’ in Portland, Urges Government to ‘Restrain’ Them

Judge Nap joins a growing list of bipartisan politicos who are sounding the alarm on these extreme tactics.

One of the most controversial stories in the nation is unfolding in Portland, Oregon this week, and Americans on both sides of the aisle have found themselves enraged by what they’ve witnessed.

Protesters in the Pacific Northwest city have been rounded up by unidentifiable, military-garb-wearing “secret police”, tossed into unmarked rental vehicles, and whisked away to somewhere – all while demanding to know where they are being taken and by whom.  It’s a nightmare for freedom experts and constitutionalists alike, but President Trump has refused to back down from utilizing the tactic, stating that these cities are incapable of keeping the peace on their own.

Senators Rand Paul and Representative Jerry Nadler have both sounded the alarm on the issue, ushering in a slew of bipartisan complaints on the subject.

Now, Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano is weighing in as well.

“The federal government can use federal assets to protect federal property,” Napolitano said.

“Stated differently, the Department of Homeland Security can send police into Oregon to protect a federal courthouse in Oregon, use that as an example.”

He went on to say that the federal government cannot, however, enforce the general criminal law.

“They can’t supplement or replace the police,” Napolitano explained. “They can’t go throughout the streets and say, ‘Hey, you’re committing a crime. We’re going to arrest you.’”

“They certainly can’t do what they have been doing in Oregon, which is arresting people without a warrant and without probable cause, holding them for a few hours and then letting them go,” he went on to explain. “So they have to be restrained and they have to confine their activity to the federal property.”

Napolitano would go on to reiterate another point of contention regarding these arrests, namely that we have the right as American citizens to know the name of the law enforcement individual with whom we are interacting – something that has been impossible in the case of these badge-less troops.

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