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Judge Orders Kentucky Coronavirus Patients to Wear GPS Ankle Monitors

The news had conspiracy theorists again donning their tinfoil hats.

There is plenty of fear to go around these days in the United States, much of which revolves around the COVID-19 pandemic that is set to peak stateside sometime around Easter.

There is the fear we or our loved ones will fall ill, or worse.  There is a fear that this prolonged “lockdown”  could affect our livelihoods, or our 401k’s.  There are some folks who are even worried that this pandemic is all a plan to install some fabled “new world order”, and turn earth into a prison planet of sorts.

The conspiracy theorists that believe this are certainly reaching, likely in order to bolster whatever hypothesis they posted on Reddit this week, but news out of Kentucky this week surely adds a little more paranoia to the pot.

Kentucky is taking severe measures to ensure residents exposed to the coronavirus stay at home. Louisville residents who have been in contact with coronavirus patients but refuse to isolate themselves are being made to wear ankle bracelets.

A judge has ordered one resident to stay at home after refusing to self-quarantine. CNN affiliate WDRB reports that the person, identified as D.L. in the court order, is living with “someone who has tested positive for the illness and another person who is a presumptive case,” according to an affidavit from Dr. Sarah Moyer, director of the health department.

Having been exposed to the highly contagious disease, D.L. was ordered to stay at home last week. But according to family members, D.L. “leaves the house often.”

When D.L. didn’t respond to the health department’s messages, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Angela Bisig ordered the Department of Corrections to fit D.L. with a global positioning device for the next 14 days. If D.L. leaves the house again, he or she could be criminally charged, WDRB reports.

But wait…there’s more…

D.L. is not the only Louisville resident ordered to wear ankle monitors to contain the spread of the coronavirus. According to WDRB, there are three other known cases so far. Two other people who live in the same home — one who has tested positive, and the other who has not — were ordered to remain in their home last week after both refused to stay isolated.

There’s been no explanation yet from the conspiracy crew as to where Jeffrey Epstein or the Loch Ness Monster fits into all of this, but it’s likely only a matter of time before they crack the case.

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