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Judge Tosses Trump Challenge, POTUS Will Be Forced to Hand Over Tax Returns

The White House was quick to respond.

With the obvious exception of John F. Kennedy, our current President may be the focus of more conspiracy theories than just about any other leader who has ever occupied the Oval Office.

For Kennedy, much of the rampant speculation came at the end of his life, after an intensely-scrutinized and studied assassination led to a number of wild theories regarding just how it could ever have happened.

For Trump, the conspiracy theories were there from the get-go, with Democrats insisting for years now that the President was some sort of Russian double agent.  From the very beginning of the NYC business mogul’s political career, the left has believed that there will be some magic bullet of their own that will prove Trump’s Kremlin connection.

Robert Mueller couldn’t seem to find it after spending 22 months and $25 million, however, so the Democrats are reduced to hoping that they’ll discover something alarming in the President’s tax returns.

And while Trump has fought viciously to keep these records sealed, his luck my be running out.

Donald Trump cannot block a prosecutor’s subpoena for eight years of his tax returns, a federal judge ruled on Thursday, in the latest setback in the U.S. president’s longstanding effort to keep his finances under wraps.

U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in Manhattan rejected Trump’s claims that the grand jury subpoena from Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance to the president’s accounting firm Mazars USA was “wildly overbroad” and issued in bad faith.

In a 103-page decision, Marrero also said letting Trump block the subpoena would amount to an “undue expansion” of presidential immunity.

The White House was ready, however.

Trump quickly appealed the decision and filed an emergency motion to delay turning over his tax returns, saying enforcing the subpoena would cause him irreparable harm by disclosing his “private, confidential information.”

The litigation and grand jury secrecy rules make it unlikely Trump’s financial records will become public before Nov. 3, when the president is seeking reelection.

One can only imagine the shock that will befall the Democratic Party when Trump’s financial records do come to light and not a single whiff of Russian influence is found.

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