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Kathy Reignites Violent Controversy by Republishing Infamous, Gory Photo

As the nation awaits the results of the 2020 election, Griffin is again blowing this horrid dog whistle. 

Early in President Trump’s first term, some in Hollywood looked to set a terroristic tone about the whole thing.  Tinsel Town saw Donald Trump as a doomsday prophecy come to life, and they were going to do everything they could to pass that imagery along to the young voters who adored them.

And, since this was Hollywood, a flair for the dramatic was almost certain to be a part of the ritual, and the lower the rung of stardom on which you reside, the more dramatic you were going to act.

That’s why Kathy Griffin went to the hilt out the gate, posing for a now-infamous photograph in which she held a realistically-created severed head, made to resemble the President.

The image was panned as being in terrible taste, and Griffin was summarily shunned by much of Hollywood.  Two weeks to-the-day after Griffin released the images, a former Bernie Sanders campaign worker opened fire on the GOP charity baseball team’s practice in an assassination attempt that injured several Republican Congressmen.

Now, as the nation awaits the results of the 2020 election, Griffin is again blowing this dog whistle. 

In a press conference just after 2am, Trump claimed he had won the election and promised to go to the Supreme Court.

A few minutes later Griffin re-shared the photo to her Twitter feed without comment it has so far has being liked nearly 43,000 times.

The picture was taken by photographer Tyler Shields, who is known for his “edgy, shocking” but reports at the time alleged Trump’s son Baron was frightened by it.

At a time when our nation is so very on edge, Griffin’s decision-making has again been called into question, especially as much of the nation was known to be fearful of potential violence surrounding the election.

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