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Kellyanne Excoriates Democrats Over Suspicious Scheduling of Impeachment Hearings

The President himself has chimed in as well.

Even after a series of damning allegations against Adam Schiff’s handling of the House Intel Committee’s impeachment hearings, the Democrats don’t appear ready or willing to show any semblance of fairness in the ongoing impeachment process.

Schiff was berated by Republican lawmakers over the secrecy of his portion of the proceedings.  The rules, written by House Democrats, were widely lambasted as lopsided in the favor of the liberals, and the use of a clandestine, secure facility in the basement of the Capitol itself even prompted the “storming of the SCIF” in which dozens of GOP legislators interrupted the hearings in order to shed light on the unprecedented event and venue.

Now, as the House Judiciary Committee looks to take up the mantle, there has been no effort made to give the appearance of a concession in this regard.  The Democrats even went so far as to schedule this week’s first hearing during the President’s scheduled trip to address NATO – a fact that has White House advisor Kellyanne Conway positively fuming.

The contrast between House Democrats and President Trump will be on full display for the American people this week, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway argued Monday on “America’s Newsroom.”

Conway pointed out that the House Judiciary Committee will kick off the second phase of impeachment hearings while Trump meets with world leaders at the NATO summit. She said voters will have a “split-screen” view of each side’s agenda.

“You cannot think of a bigger, brighter contrast. The president is on his way to NATO, where he has secured over $130 billion in additional NATO funds from NATO members and you have the Democrats, who are doing basically nothing for the American people and are trying to impeach a president three years running. … The Democrats can’t take a minute to pass infrastructure, reduce drug prices, keep this Trump economy humming along. He’s over at NATO and they’re trying to impeach him. America sees the split-screen government,” she told host Bill Hemmer.

Conway said the White House still believes the impeachment proceedings are an “illegitimate and unconstitutional process” and the first round of Intelligence Committee hearings failed to provide evidence of a crime.

The President respond to the controversy on Twitter as well, blasting the Democrats timing as both “purposeful” and “NOT NICE!”.

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