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Kevin McCarthy’s Border Battle Plan has Mexican Cartels SHOOK

This would be to the great benefit of America’s border towns, but a hotly divided Congress could derail the plan.

When Joe Biden was inaugurated back in January of 2021, Americans living on the border with Mexico began to assume the worst.

You see, when Democrats come into power, those who seek to enter America illegally feel emboldened by the left’s lackadaisical concept of border security, and their lack of commitment to enforcing the consequences of getting caught.  Soon, tens of thousands of migrants were organizing in caravans deep within South America and Mexico, with their compasses pointing due north.

As these caravan near the US border, they become inexorably intertwined with the Mexican cartels, who are responsible for a vast amount of the human trafficking that occurs in the area.  This is indelibly also connected to their drugs and arms trade, thus fueling these nefarious organizations one body at a time.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is ready to put his foot down, however, and has unveiled his plan to literally battle these cartels.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told Breitbart News that it is time to “embed some military” on the U.S. border with Mexico to fight the Mexican drug cartels.

McCarthy’s comments came during an exclusive long-form video interview taped last month in the ceremonial U.S. House Speaker’s office just off the House floor. The interview, the latest installment in the Breitbart News On the Hill video series, touched on many topics including immigration and the border, but also confronting the Chinese Communist Party, the debt ceiling, and McCarthy’s decision to release January 6 surveillance tapes earlier this year.

Asked about the incident which happened just before this interview where four Americans were kidnapped by cartels in Mexico, McCarthy noted that “two were murdered” and “it wasn’t far from the border.”

McCarthy didn’t stop there.

McCarthy then affirmed he believes the Mexican drug cartels should be formally designated as foreign terrorist organizations by the U.S. government.

“I think you have to designate them,” McCarthy said when asked if the U.S. should designate the cartels as terrorist groups.

“We do not have operational control of our border,” McCarthy added. “For anyone in America that’s been down there — I want to give credit to Gov. Abbott. It shouldn’t be his job to secure the border. But he has to put effort into it. You look what has gone on. These cartels are making billions of dollars human trafficking, right? But they’re using weapons. They’re shooting. We’ve watched in broad daylight what they would do with not respect for life or for Americans.”

The idea isn’t a new one, necessarily, with former President Donald Trump suggesting a similar possibility on the campaign trail just weeks ago.

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