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Kim Jong Un Poses for Strange Photoshoot While Taunting United States

This particular behavior has previously signaled something big on the horizon for North Korea.

Donald Trump may very well thought that he was making serious headway with North Korea, but Kim Jong Un’s latest bizarre behavior seems to indicate that the hermit kingdom is back to its old tricks.

For decades, North Korea has played a game of pressure and relief, antagonization and capitulation.  They act boldly and sternly on the world’s stage for some time, and then come crawling back to the negotiation table promising to knock it off in exchange for a reduction in sanctions.

Of course, as anyone with any sense can see, this method of diplomacy will always result in an exponential escalation in behavior, as the current bargaining chip must be ever-more impactful than the last.

In his latest defiant statement to the United States, Kim Jong Un has been photographed riding a white horse on a sacred mountain – a bizarre message to President Trump and the world at large.

Aides to Kim Jong Un are convinced the North Korean leader plans “a great operation”, state media said on Wednesday in a report that included lavish descriptions and images of the leader riding a white horse up North Korea’s most sacred mountain.

In the photos released by state news agency KCNA, Kim is seen riding alone on a large white horse through snowy fields and woods on Mt Paektu, the spiritual homeland of the Kim dynasty.

“His march on horseback in Mt Paektu is a great event of weighty importance in the history of the Korean revolution,” KCNA said.

The photos have to be seen to be believed.

This particular behavior has previously signaled something big on the horizon for North Korea.

“Having witnessed the great moments of his thinking atop Mt Paektu, all the officials accompanying him were convinced with overflowing emotion and joy that there will be a great operation to strike the world with wonder again and make a step forward in the Korean revolution.”

It was unclear what the operation might involve, but Kim has often made trips to the sacred mountain at times of major policy endeavors

Given just how unpredictable Kim has been in the past, there is no telling what this strange photoshoot could foretell.

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