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Kremlin Crony Says ‘Inevitable’ Moscow Attack Will Cross ‘RED LINE’

This could get ugly.

If there was any doubt about the certainty, (or actual arrival), of World War III, they’ve begun to pack their bags and head for the exits.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is undoubtedly an international affair at this point, with Iran and North Korea providing Moscow with the instruments of war needed to continue their brutal genocide of the Ukrainian people.  On the other end of the conflict, we see the US, Germany, and other NATO allies sending modern tanks and missile systems to the front lines in droves.

The situation has gotten so tense, in fact, that Russia has begun to fortify Moscow for a potential airstrike…something that at least one Kremlin crony says would cross Putin’s “red line”.

Russia’s former deputy foreign minister, Andrei Fedorov has outlined what he believes to be an inevitable threat that will cross one of of Putin’s “red lines”.

Speaking candidly on Russian state TV, Putin’s former adviser spoke about what would cause Putin to turn his invasion of Ukraine into a full scale world war.

He replied: “It’s a strike on the command centres in Moscow. A strike, not an attempt.

“The strike that’s bound to happen, it’s going to be a red line.”

With each passing week, the possibility of a Ukrainian strike being successful appears more likely.

Mikhail Zvinchuk, a former military press official, told Russian state TV that the air division of Putin’s army has suffered huge losses.

He said: “Many are saying that you can’t see the airborne troops on the frontline.

“Unfortunately, this is the objective reality – by the start of mobilisation, our airborne forces lost 40-50% of staff.

“As of now, out of the old and tested formations with designated equipment, not that many are remaining.”

Russia’s military doctrine allows for preemptive nuclear strikes should they feel as though the existence of the federation is threatened.  There is little doubt that an attack on Moscow would fall under this category, particularly as Vladimir Putin’s grip on reality continues to slip.

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