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Leaked FBI Report Shows White Supremacists’ Evil Plan to ‘Collapse Society’

These unpatriotic imbeciles have a horrid plan for America.

America, as a nation, is completely incongruent with the idea of white supremacy.  We are the melting pot; a nation where all are created equal, and where liberty and the pursuit of happiness are guaranteed for every single individual.

There is no room for hate here, and that is precisely why white supremacists are now actively working to “collapse” American society as we know it.

A recently leaked FBI report looks to reveal how these unpatriotic imbeciles plan to accomplish their putrid goal.

White supremacists are trying to join the ranks of law enforcement and the military so they can ‘terrorize minorities’ and ‘initiate a collapse of society’, the FBI has warned.

The agency’s San Antonio branch said right-wing extremists sought to join the two in an effort to ‘further’ their ideologies.

Their findings were based on investigations from 2016 to 2020 and were first reported by ABC who had access to a leaked copy of the report.

The report was alarming, to say the least.

The February 25 report, which was handed out in Texas and across the US, focuses on white-supremacist publication ‘Siege’.

It reads: ‘In the long term, FBI San Antonio assesses [racially motivated violent extremists] successfully entering military and law enforcement careers almost certainly will gain access to non-public tradecraft and information, enabling them to enhance operational security and develop new tactics in and beyond the FBI San Antonio.’

The report’s authors say their findings are ‘based on evidence [extremists] expressed a desire to join the military and law enforcement primarily to obtain tradecraft to prepare for and initiate a collapse of society, specifically by engaging in violence against the US government and specified racial and ethnic groups.

‘Online peers encouraged them to seek these careers and [extremists] built relationships with associates seeking military employment, focusing on the associates’ current and future martial skills.’

FBI Director Christopher recently revealed that arrests of white supremacists have tripled recently, belying that scope of the problem of hate here in the United States.

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