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Legendary Journalist Says Trump is ‘Compromised’, Calls on Congress to Act

Here we go again with this “collusion” crud…

It seems that, once again, President Trump is being accused of some foreign tomfoolery.

Back in 2016, during Trump’s first presidential campaign, Democrats worked incessantly to convince the American people that the eventual Commander in Chief was a Kremlin double agent, working for Vladimir Putin and against the American people.  They even went so far as to pay for a “dossier” of information against Trump, that was then used by the Obama administration to spy on the NYC business mogul’s campaign – despite the fact that information contained in that dossier was unverified, unverifiable, and found later to be nothing more than decades-old rumors from an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal.

Now, in 2020, this foreign entanglement mess is back, and one of America’s most notable journalists has taken to pushing the conspiracy theory.

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During a recent interview on CNN, Carl Bernstein had the following to say:

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“Certainly implications of tax fraud to begin with that needs to be looked at and will be but again the question of what other obligations does he have? For instance, he has put up people in his hotels from these foreign countries, the sources of his income are unknown and have to do with favors he has possibly granted to foreign entities. This President needs to be thoroughly investigated in terms of how the United States has or may have been compromised by his actions, his selfishness, his putting his own interests, financial, in front of the interests of the United States.”

He added, “We now have a template to put over all of his actions as President of the United States, and that template is what is in these tax returns. And we need to know, what did those actions as President look like? What are those phone calls? I did a report about eight weeks ago about the President’s phone calls with Putin, with Erdogan, with other authoritarian leaders, all of them in places where he has financial interests. So now we’ve got a lot to go on. And it’s time that the Congress of the United States, even at this late moment, not just the voters, take a look at the national security implications of this. And even if he leaves office, we still have the problem of a president of the United States with all that national security information who is compromised. That’s the problem. He is compromised to foreign entities, these reports, and these tax returns certainly indicate. Let him show us how he’s not compromised if that’s the case.”

Bernstein both claiming that Trump is compromised and then attempting to goad the President to prove him otherwise reeks of fifth graders’ version of reverse psychology, and certainly won’t be dignified with a response from the President.

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