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Liberal Television Host Trashes Bill and Hillary Ahead of 2020 Election

We did NOT see that one coming!

On the surface of the Democratic Party, Bill and Hillary Clinton still appear to have a warm glow about them.

Call it voter’s remorse after the stunning defeat that Hillary suffered in 2016, or perhaps it’s just a bit of nostalgia masquerading as favorability – in either case, there really does appear to be some sort of liberal yearning to bring Bill and Hill back into the spotlight.

But that sentiment is only surface-deep among the Democrats.  Once you being to peel back the liberal layers, you find an entirely different outlook on the longtime political power couple, and HBO’s Bill Maher isn’t afraid to talk about it.

Bill Maher brought up the Bill Clinton-Epstein connection in Friday’s episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher and warned that Hillary Clinton and the former president are “huge distractions for” democrats less than three months away from the presidential election.

Maher said that the Clintons could still be a big liability for Democrats. “What should they [Democrats] do with the Clintons?” Maher asked. He later said: “They are huge distractions. I can see them being huge distractions.”

And this isn’t the first time that Maher has taken a hard-hitting approach in his criticism of the Clintons.

While mainstream media outlets have mostly avoided mentioning Bill Clinton’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein, Maher broke ranks with his fellow left-wing talking heads to address the recent revelation that the former president was spotted on Epstein’s private Caribbean island Little Saint James — better known as “Pedophile Island.”

The comedian referenced recently unsealed court testimony from Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre, who alleged that she saw President Clinton on Little Saint James and that “two young girls” were accompanying Epstein on the trip.

Maher’s willingness to assess the hard truths of the Democratic Party has put him at odds with the left at times, but may also indicate the organization’s own growing disdain for what has constituted “business as usual” over the last several decades.


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