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Lindsey Graham Strikes Back at Dems After DOJ Jumps into Roger Stone Situation

The Senator from South Carolina has no patience for this paltry politicking.

The left side of the American political spectrum is simply insistent on resistance when it comes to President Trump, so anything he says or does will inevitably become fodder for the Democratic masses.

Yesterday, the Commander in Chief published a tweet regarding his longtime friend Roger Stone, who was facing up to nine years in prison for lying to Congress during the messy, Robert Mueller-led investigation into the RussiaGate conspiracy theory.  The tweet condemned the harsh sentence, and was followed up by action from the Department of Justice that would see Stone’s sentence reduced.

This, in turn, caused the resignation of four prosecutors who worked on the case, and an uproar from the Democratic Party over the supposedly reckless behavior from the DOJ.  Soon, lawmakers were calling for an investigation into why and how Attorney General Barr and the Justice Department came to that decision.

Senator Lindsey Graham shut down that Democratic speculation in spectacular fashion on Wednesday.

Graham, a staunch Trump ally, said Wednesday he did not intend to bring Attorney General William Barr in for testimony aside from the committee’s general oversight of the Justice Department. And while Senate Republicans broadly criticized Trump’s Twitter forays into the case, they said further investigation was not warranted — dismissing Democrats’ calls for congressional action over allegations of politically motivated favoritism.

“I don’t think he should be commenting on cases in the system. I don’t think that’s appropriate,” Graham told reporters.

“You want to let the legal process to move forward in the way it’s intended to,” added Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.). “The president weighs in on a lot of things. He tweeted about it I guess, so people perceived that as him having weighed in. But in the end, the Justice Department and lawyers over there need to do what they need to do to make sure justice is being served.”

The left will surely use this latest development in the Roger Stone case as an example of their alleged “worst case scenario”:  A lawless and unstoppable President Trump, emboldened to such extremes by his recent impeachment acquittal.

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