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Lindsey Graham turns war-hawk in stunning plea to POTUS

Lindsey Graham sounds awfully bloodthirsty all of a sudden.

We must be very wary of those among us who thirst for war.

No matter the situation or the circumstances, war means death:  The death of innocent people and of innocence itself.  It should be avoided at all costs, particularly in the case of a lopsided conflict such as the one between the United States and Iran.

Iran, no matter how many times they claim to have “secret weapons”, and no matter how many times they threaten to wipe the United States off the map, isn’t truly much of a threat to the US.  If they were, trust us, we would already know about it.  It would take all of a day or so for the United States military to effectively neuter Iran’s military capabilities, and the Persian nation knows it.  That is why their acts of aggression are petty and scattered.

Unfortunately, some member of the US Congress seem thirsty for the death and destruction of war, including Senator Lindsey Graham.

Speaking on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Graham made the case for attacking Iran.

HEWITT: Let’s turn to Iran. Earlier this morning, moments ago, the President of the United States said, “Iran did it;” the mine that didn’t explode “Had Iran written all over it.” He didn’t say what he is going to do, what do you think he ought to do about attacks on Gulf shipping Lindsey Graham?

GRAHAM: Make sure that the Iranians will never do it again because it hurt too much. If he doesn’t send a clear, unequivocal signal with pain attached, they will keep doing it. They are testing him. The president got out of the agreement. He’s put sanctions on Iran. He’s breaking the back of the Iranian government economically, they are pushing back, they are testing his will. One of the great minds of our time, General Keane, said there are a couple of options. One is, start sending naval escorts for commercial shipping in the Straights of Hormuz, that’s one thing to do —I don’t know how sustainable that is— the other thing is just basically sink their navy. Now, put them on notice, start escorting ships, and if there is another attack on commercial shipping in the Straights of Hormuz, just sink all these fast boats, just sink their navy.

For what it’s worth, President Trump has indicated that he is willing to work diplomatically with Iran in order to prevent further chaos.

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