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Liz Warren Sends Mixed Signals After Big Super Tuesday Loss

Where is this all headed?

It’s make-or-break time for the 2020 Democratic candidates, and it seems as though some just aren’t getting the hint.

Take Tulsi Gabbard for the example.  The Congresswoman from Hawaii earned herself one delegate last night in American Samoa.  Or, rather, she earned herself one delegate, period.  They just happened to be from American Samoa.

And speaking of our tropical atoll, American Samoa was the only thing that Mike Bloomberg one before deciding to drop out of the race after spending three fortunes on it.

Also having a difficult night was Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who failed to accomplish much other than splitting the progressive vote, thus hindering Bernie Sanders.  Warren now has some thinking to do.  Should she remain in the race and continue to muck it up for her pal Bernie, or would it behoove the party as a whole for her to step aside now before any more electoral damage is done?

It seems that there is a disconnect within her base as to where this is headed.

A super PAC backing Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) presidential bid is not placing ad buys ahead of the March 10 primaries following the presidential hopeful’s abysmal Super Tuesday performance.

Six more states — Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington — will hold their respective primaries on March 10. The super PAC that spent roughly $12 million on Warren ahead of Super Tuesday is not planning to place any ad buys for the presidential hopeful ahead of those contests, according to Politico. What is more, Warren apparently does not have any events planned until Friday:

The super PAC that provided over $12 million in air cover to Warren ahead of Super Tuesday also has said it is not placing ad buys for March 10. Warren herself has no public events planned until Friday. Perhaps anticipating that the night would go poorly, she did not give a traditional election night speech but rather held a regular town hall in Detroit, which votes next week, just as results began to roll in. She hardly mentioned the elections happening Tuesday.

But, at the same time, Warren herself has announced another campaign event for this weekend out west, where the progressive votes still exist in abundance.

For now, we watch and we wait.

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