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Liz Warrens’ War Chest is Weak, Even After Extra Weeks of Fundraising

Liz Warren’s dreams of being President are on the ropes, as her campaign reaches out desperately for help.

Elizabeth Warren is falling behind in the race for the White House, and it’s likely worse than anyone imagines.

The trouble has been spelled out for us in numbers:  The Warren campaign has been active longer than several of the other democratic hopefuls, yet, Senator Warren is being forced to admit to her base that funding troubles are on the horizon.

Warren’s campaign in an email sent on Wednesday afternoon to supporters acknowledged that she is behind other well-known Democrats, but argued she enjoys grassroots support.

“We don’t have to match other candidates dollar for dollar, but we do need a strong enough grassroots base to be able to keep Elizabeth’s voice front and center in this race,” Roger Lau, Warren’s campaign manager, said in the email to supporters.

The campaign, for its part, decided weeks ago to avoid the glitzy, glamorous “fundraising dinner” circuit, opting instead to promote the idea of empowering individual donors.  This was a bold move, certainly, but Warren was desperate.

Heading into the 2020 race, Warren had made a terrible mistake.  She had given into goading of President Trump and taken a DNA test to sort out the controversy regarding her purported Cherokee ancestry.  When the results came back not in her favor, Warren was not only humiliated, but then had to endure the political spectacle of apologizing the the Native American population for her unknowing farce.

Then, just as Warren began campaigning in earnest, she made the bold decision to “go live” from her “kitchen” on social media.  It was plain to see during the broadcast that, not only was the kitchen extraordinarily well lit, but Warren was mindful to leave her beer label hidden from the audience on several occasions, giving away the staged nature of the appearance.

Now, on her way to political poverty, Liz Warren may not be in the 2020 race for long.

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