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Local Officials in the Land of Lincoln Rebel Against State’s Lockdown Protocols

Trust us: You don’t want to be on these Sheriffs’ bad side either.

In Illinois, as in many other locales around the nation, there appears to be a rather large disconnect between the disparate levels of authority governing the citizens – particularly as it pertains to coronavirus and the lockdowns that the virus has spawned.

This global pandemic is still fairly fresh, having only become an American phenomenon over the course of the last two months.  In that time, CDC guidelines have changed, death tolls have been adjusted, and a number of citizens have begun revolting against their local governments’ “draconian” lockdown procedures.

Illinois appears to be the latest state to push back against some of the more intense precautions being prescribed, and local authorities are getting in on the action as well.

The Windy City is not the only Illinois jurisdiction instituting the draconian lockdowns that are riling citizens. The state’s novice Governor, J.B. Pritzker, has also dabbled in harsh lockdowns that have stifled the state.

Indeed, a recent review of lockdown policies by the personal finance site WalletHub found Illinois has the harshest lockdown policies in the country.

As a result, the Windy City citizens are not the only Illinoisans who have revolted against the Democrat-enforced lockdowns.

Those in opposition to the Governor’s orders are not mincing their words, either.

Sheriff James Mendrick of DuPage County, Illinois, for instance, told his constituents he had no intention of enforcing Pritzker’s order to fine and arrest violators of the gov’s lockdown orders.

“I just can’t do this anymore. I stand with our citizens and businesses of DuPage County who have offered no trouble or no resistance to any rule we put upon them, no matter how strange.,” Sheriff Mendrick wrote in a Facebook post.

“I will not victimize lawful residents of DuPage County trying to put food on their children’s table. I’m so proud of our DuPage citizens who have done everything right from the beginning. All I can say is thank you,” he added.

And that’s not all…

Gibson City, a town in central Illinois, also announced they would not be enforcing Pritker’s orders.

“After careful consideration, the Gibson City Police Department will not be making any criminal misdemeanor arrests of individuals or business owners for violations of temporary rules of Executive Orders, the town said in a statement on Wednesday.

The announcements come after a number of lawsuits have been announced that seek to challenge the authority of the state to arbitrarily shutter businesses as it sees fit.

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