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Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania Makes Prediction on POTUS Vote Count

At a time when much of the nation is looking to turn down the heat, Pennsylvania’s state officials are throwing gas on the fire.

The 2020 election continues, much to the dismay of the American people everywhere.

With each passing hour, tensions are risings around the nation.  President Trump’s supporters are growing particularly agitated due to the trending of the votes in key battleground states like Pennsylvania and Georgia, where election officials are now counting mail-in ballots, which were cast far more often by Democrats than Republicans.  This has had President Trump’s lead in several states diminishing with every ballot count drop, frustrating the Commander in Chief and his constituents alike.

What the nation needs now is patience and calm; not the speculative assertions of state officials. 

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman said that his state’s ballot-counting process is “drawing to a close” and believes that the outstanding ballots will deliver the state’s 20 electoral votes to Joe Biden.

As of Thursday morning, Pennsylvania had about 768,000 ballots remaining that needed to be counted, which Fetterman said in an interview on MSNBC would be enough to “probably deliver our Commonwealth to the [former] vice president at this point, based on previous modeling of how those ballots have been performing with respect to, whether it’s for the [former] vice president, or the president.”

While Fetterman declined to predict when he believes his state would finish counting, he indicated that it was possible it would be done by Thursday evening.

“Things are drawing to a close,” said Fetterman, who reiterated that the outstanding ballots in his state will be favorable to Biden’s chances to carry Pennsylvania, which Trump won in 2016.

When asked about the legal threats being made by the Trump team in The Keystone State, Fetterman called them “outlandish”, and compared Rudy Giuliani and Eric Trump to “carnival barkers” after they arrived and spoke in Philadelphia on Wednesday.


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